Jack Hanna:
  • "I see Jack often when we re-cut spots for Saturn of Columbus. Jack has been extremely kind to me, and has incredible stories about his travels. Got to know him well at the Columbus Zoo before that. Also does a lot of incredibly good things for the people of Africa, especially around the home of the lowland mountain gorillas, which I became interested in while covering the zoo.  An incredible conservationist and surprisingly tender human being. Always talks about his wife, Suzi, and their girls and grandkids."

Nancy Cartwright_Bart Simpson
Nancy Cartwright aka Bart Simpson:
  • "Went to OU together freshman year and worked on radio show called "Foxpaw: A Social Blunder". New show with old time radio theatre. I only worked on it the first year, but the next year NPR ran the show. Nancy and others have gone on to much bigger and better things. Have only been in contact minimally over the years.  Nancy, if you see this, get in touch!"

George H.W. Bush
George H.W. Bush:
  • "Interviewed at a press conference while in Columbus, OH.  Very nice to the press corps. "

Jonathan Winters:
  • Spent time with him and his daughter, Lucinda, when he was in Columbus in the early 80's on promotion tour. He is in real life what you see:  A character!

Dave Thomas KidsDave Thomas
Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy's International:
  • "Worked with him several times while doing corporate projects for Wendy's. Very down-home. The most memorable was in Dallas while hosting their regional meeting. I could not believe that Dave Thomas was TERRIFIED to speak in front of "his" people--So very down to earth you could have had him over for hot dogs and he'd have been grateful. Supported the cause of adoption: He was adopted and made sure that he did what he could to promote the making of families for the good of children. Just a very quiet, nice guy."

Buddy Rich:
  • "Interviewed at the Columbus Jazz & Ribs fest once. Exactly how you'd imagine him--man, he could play. Could sweat and smoke, too.  Way more energy than I could handle!

Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallon:
  • "Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone were filming a movie at the old Mansfield reformatory (home of Halloween fright tours) and no one knew what the name was going to be.  They had a news conference on what had to be the hottest day of the summer! We waited and waited for them to finish their scenes that morning and come out. The table and chairs they'd set up for Russell and Stallone, by this time, were in the blazing sun. Here come these two huge Hollywood stars. They knew we'd been waiting a long time. The first thing they say is, "Geez guys, let's get these poor press people out of the sun--It's too hot to be standing out here!"  They weren't worried about themselves, they were concerned for everyone else. I thought that was incredibly nice of them. Needless to say, their press from Ohio that day was top notch!  We were all impressed.  The movie? Later named Tango and Cash."

Pearl Bailey Cookbookpearlbailey
Pearl Bailey:
  • "Met her when she was in Columbus for a WCMH-TV interview while on a book tour.  Did the pre-interviews with her and got to just talk for a while. Earthy momma with a big bosom-y hug and a deep laugh. I especially noticed a sparkle in her eye that always seemed to be there when I saw her interviewed. Still have the signed book: Recipes with "dash" of this and "pinch" of that. Homey.  And I think Queen Latifah should play her!"

Diedre Hall:
  • Diedre Hall of NBC's Days of Our Lives daytime soap was in Columbus for a speaking engagement at an event where I was the emcee.  She was very gracious to everyone there, letting them take pictures and greeting them. The thing I remember most was laughing: I have no idea what we talked about but I remember laughing a lot.  "

Harris as DumbledoreRichard Harris CamelotRichard Harris
Richard Harris:
  • "In for a TV intervew while performing Camelot in Columbus. Waaaay out there! Stayed at the Southern Hotel: Insisted on a hotel room with a window that opened and that was about the only place they could find.  Ate only McCann's Irish Oatmeal for breakfast. Told a hysterical over-the-top story about some assistant buying him shampoo while here. She got blueing shampoo--which makes white hair white. He hadn't used it before:  Looked up in the shower to see that his hands and hair were BLLLUUUUUUUUUU (as he screamed it dramatically and said it over and over again). Cracked me up. Obviously relished storytelling."

Lynn Stewart '09Lynn Stewart
Lynn Stewart (Pee Wee's Playhouse):
  • "Lynn and I led a huge Just Say No rally in Columbus,OH. Here's another huge public figure, an ACTRESS, who held my hand going on stage. She was hilarious and naughty. Impressive bustline.  Great stories which I will not divulge!

Gov/Sen.George Voinivich:
  • "Co-hosted a state-wide t.v. show  for a year. Took the interviews he conducted with people seriously.  Also interviewed him on numerous occasions for news stories and got to go to the Governor's mansion for media events."

lorenzo music GARFIELDgarfarms
Lorenzo Music voice of GARFIELD THE CAT:
  • "Did a learning cd project with him together in different places: He was in CA and I was in Columbus at Horizons Studios. Cool to say I did character voices with the "Fat Cat": Garfield's MAD ABOUT CATS cd. Kids loved it!"

Mercedes McCambridgeExorcist poster
Voice of the EXORCIST: Mercedes McCambridge:
  • "McCambridge was the guest on our noon news: She'd written a book and was talking about doing the voice of the devil in The Exorcist.    She was asked to recreate that, and when she opened her mouth the meters pegged and the hair on the back of our necks stood up.  I can get the audio to play for you but I'm not: That and the movie theme creep me out to this day."

John Kasich:
  • "John was always as accessible as could be for any news interview. Never tried to hurry no matter how busy he was.  He just talked.  I always felt like I was talking with an honest, real person--not the "image" most politicians seem to be. If he said he was glad to see you you felt like he really meant it. One of those guys I interviewed that I can really say I just liked."

The Chieftans:
  • "I had connections at the time and got to go back stage at one of their Columbus shows. My husband and I got to visit with them after the show and they were such nice guys--so willing to talk and share. Pretty funny, too! You can only imagine the stories."

Pat Tiberi
Rep. Pat Tiberi:
  • "Have worked and spent time with Pat in a number of ways over the years. When he's in Delaware he has breakfast with some locals:  He and my dad, a former county commissioner, have supported each other for years. Pat's taken the time to be in our little Kilbourne days parade and was nice enough to visit our daughter, Madison, at her school. He's interested enough to ask her opinion on things, too."

Susan Powter:
  • "Worked with her on a fitness video.  Bizarre. Strong and strong willed, though"

Archie Griffin
Archie Griffin:
  • "Worked with Archie on several occasions. One time we did a live Sunday morning hour-long home show. Ran from house to house. Nicest guy you'd ever want to meet. Would help with anything they asked. Great speaker, too."

jimmy dean
Jimmy Dean (Yep, the sausage guy):
  • "I was the producer of a news show where Dean was a guest. In comes this guy in a cowboy hat, tall: REAL tall. I'm short and the first thing I remember was seeing this humongous silver belt buckle--right about eyeball height.  Then there was a big hug and he said, "Hello, darlin'!"  That was Jimmy Dean."
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